Review: Orange 43

Growers: Klutch THC: 29.90%CBD: 0.10% Type: Sativa Smell: Earthy. You can definitely smell that this strain was grown in the ground (as opposed to in a pot- no pun intended). Very clean smelling, but no fruit flavors that were super strong. Taste: Slightly earthy/dirt tasting. But no strong flavor that really stood out and grabsContinue reading “Review: Orange 43”

Review: Super Sour Orange

Growers: Buckeye Relief Type: Sativa Smell: Very citrus smell. Definitely pick up the smell of oranges. Taste: Very fruity taste, not too strong. Effects: More of a head buzz kind of feeling, as opposed to an all over (whole body) relaxed, buzz feeling. Notes: A nice strain for in the evenings. Doesn’t really help withContinue reading “Review: Super Sour Orange”

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