Oh The Toddler Years! (The Blunt Truth)

When you find out your pregnant, you just assume that the newborn stage will stress you out the most. Well…I’m here to tell you how wrong you are my friend!

The newborn/infant stage is the easiest you will have it, so enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts. The toddler years on the other hand….those are the days where you will learn just how savage your child really is. I can almost promise you without a doubt that your child will do things and say things that really prove they give absolutely ZERO fucks! You might even think sometimes that you’ve swapped kids with some uncaring parent and they have your sweet and innocent baby hiding somewhere (but you’ll know deep down that’s not true).

And all the housework you’re able to do during the day and keeping your house clean while you’re baby is sleeping….I’m sorry to tell you that cuts in half (if not more) once they become a toddler. They have more energy to destroy the house than you have to keep it perfectly clean.

Don’t get me wrong, the toddler years have some great moments. Like when they learn to give you kisses, say “mama” or “dada”, or just want you to hold them and cuddle. But for the times when they aren’t being sweet and loving, I highly suggest you invest in some form of strong combat training (and keep the wine handy)…you’re going to need it.

Now, don’t think I’m saying I don’t love Junior, because I absolutely do love him with all my heart and soul. But sometimes….I swear he’s been secretly switched with baby Jack Jack (the version from the Incredibles 2) at some point while we’re sleeping at night.

What am I saying though, is if you think that sweet, innocent little newborn/infant that you’re holding now will be that way forever….you’re only lying to yourself. We all know it won’t last forever (it actually goes by faster than you can prepare for). There will be some sweet moments, they are just very far and few between.

House Hunting

Holy crap you guys! I had totally forgot how frustrating house hunting can be! Don’t get me wrong, I”m excited to be moving and looking forward to having our own place again…but holy cow finding the perfect forever home is stressful at times. The perfect house is usually way over priced, and the decent priced ones need more work than anyone in their right mind would be willing to put into them. It’s ridiculous.
I know the perfect house for us is out there somewhere, I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find. How did you all find the perfect forever home for your families? Was it this stressful for you? Like I’m seriously on the verge of pulling my own hair out trying to find a good house for Andy and I and the boys.
We are looking into rent to own houses, because we don’t want to just rent and then move again, we want to own it…but buying outright is just out of the question right now. I mean, why is that so hard to find for a 3 bedroom house!? Crap!
I’m sorry you guys, I know this post really isn’t much of anything, it’s just me venting. But sometimes we all need to have somewhere we can vent out the frustrations of life. However, if any of you know of any helpful tips/tricks or websites or companies that do rent to own homes, PLEASE feel free to leave them in the comments below..they will be MORE than greatly appreciated!


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