So…I Did A Thing Today

Hey y’all!

So yeah..just like the title says, I did a little thing today. With Junior gone to Andy’s mom’s for the day I decided let’s have some fun. So Andy and I went out and bought some bleach and hair dye. And well, my hair is blue now 🙂

I knew I’d like it before I even did it, but honestly I didn’t know that I’d love it THIS much! You guys, I think I’ve found my new favorite hair color!

I’m going to link the products I used at the bottom of this post, along with pictures before, during (the bleaching process), and after (once the blue dye was finished). Have any of y’all ever dyed your hair any fun colors? If so, share your favorites in the comments section below, maybe next time I’ll try one 🙂


Splat Lightening Bleach Hair Color Kit, Lightening Hair Dye
Schwarzkopf Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color, M67


It’s All Tea Here

Hey y’all!

So how’s the homeschooling/virtual schooling going for everyone? I have seen so many people sharing on Facebook and other social media about how stressful and “broken” the entire system is. I feel bad for those kids that are trying to just get through it but can’t because neither them nor their parents can figure out how any of it works. It’s ridiculous. I’m also glad that we don’t have to go through any of that.
Butttt…….Junior did start PK2 this past week. I know it’s really not the same thing because he’s only two and we aren’t going the traditional homeschool route; but at the same time…HE’S FUCKING TWO! They are complete savages and have no problem what-so-ever telling you exactly what’s on their minds! Trust me, it has it’s days.

Anyway though, that’s not the point of this post. So I’ll stop rambling now and just jump right in:

So I was making dinner tonight (9/17-wednesday) for Andy and Buddy when they got off work, and as per usual I was scrolling through social media while I was waiting for the water to boil for mac-n-cheese and stuffing..and I get a ping- it was a Facebook friend request. I bet y’all will NEVER fucking guess who it was from!!! Go ahead, any guesses??? It was my ex’s sister (I think I’ve posted about her before, but I can’t remember what name I gave her, so we’re going to call her Amber). You guys when I say my jaw hit the floor…..I MEAN MY FUCKING JAW HIT THE FLOOR HARDER THAN A CRATE OF DYNAMITE USED TO HIT WALLY COYOTE!! It was gone!

For those of you who are new and don’t really know the backstory (and don’t feel like running through a million posts to find out when I last talked about her (if I even did, I honestly can’t remember- if I didn’t and y’all want more details just let me know). Anyway….So I dated Amber’s brother not too long before Andy and I got together. Well even after I broke up with Amber’s brother, she and I were still friends and I would do favors here and there for her when I could (I didn’t mind I actually got along with her and really did like her). Then one day I told Amber that I couldn’t help her out anymore- it was causing arguments between Andy and I (and I just didn’t want to be in another relationship full of fighting) and it was too much on me (she wasn’t on a set schedule and was needing help at random times, so I never could make plans because she’d call me last minute needing something). Well anyway, she gets all pissed off that I tell her I have to stop helping her so I can actually have a life and not ruin another relationship because of her (& my ex’s) family. She calls me every name in the book and then I’m pretty sure she made up some. Well I end up blocking her number (& then a week or so later I changed my number completely), so she ends up going up to Andy’s job and tells his manager that he’s a “drug addict” (he’s definitely not- unless you count smoking weed, but it doesn’t hinder his ability to work and function in society), he’s a “thief” (I swear you guys, Andy couldn’t steal something if his life depended on it)…a whole 15-20 minutes she spends up at the store he used to work at cussing at his manager, because she was already banned from the store for other reasons but wanted to play dumb like she didn’t know why they were telling her she wasn’t allowed in the store and making up shit about Andy…you guys….SHE HAD NO FUCKING IDEA THAT ANDY’S MOM WAS THE MANAGER!!! When I say I died laughing when I heard the story and saw the security tape!!! I DIED! Andy’s mom gets up in Amber’s face and tell her that she “needs to leave and she is no longer welcome in that store anymore because she harasses the employees and can’t act like a civil human being”…(She sure fucking can’t, but that’s neither here nor there-lol).
So after Amber leaves the store, I don’t hear anything else from her….until now 🙂 Almost three and a half years later! She out-of-nowhere sends me a friend request on Facebook. Now I’m not saying I’m surprised she found my page- I do still have some of their family on my friends list, but it’s the family that’s never given me an issue (unlike her). So I let her request sit in the inbox for about half an hour…I wasn’t going to accept it regardless….WE AREN’T FRIENDS…I DON’T EVEN FUCKING LIKE YOU “AMBER”! So I denied her request, now I’m just waiting to see what her nosey jealous ass is lurking for (because I’m sure she’ll send more or get others to try and send me one) 🙂
I’ll keep y’all updated when I find out….
But just for fun…what do y’all think she’s looking for??

*By the way- I now live 500 (-ish) miles away from them, so it’s not like I’m fucking scared or anything*

But let me know what y’all think she’s lurking for in the comments below! Let’s talk about this one!!


Just A Little PSA !

Hey y’all!

Ok, so everyone is still walking around wearing their face masks (thanks COVID-19!), which the government has recommended. However, a lot of you are NOT wearing the right kind of mask- and those who are wearing the right ones, well some of you are wearing them wrong.

So, consider this post just a little helpful guideline for those of you choosing to continue wearing masks when out in public. If you’re going to worry about your health and the health of others, at least make sure you’re taking the right precautions.

Paper Masks

Effective for: These masks are intended to filter larger nuisance dusts from the air, such as pollen or sawdust, which are much larger than virus particles. Like surgical masks, they provide some barrier protection for the wearer and those in close contact with the wearer.

LimitationsThough made of filtering materials, they are NOT designed to filter inhaled particles as small as viruses and DO NOT form a face seal.

Cloth/Fabric Masks

Effective forCloth masks provide SOME PROTECTION from large respiratory droplets expelled by other people. Perhaps most importantly, they reduce the spread of respiratory droplets emitted by the wearer.

LimitationsAs above, these masks DO NOT form a tight seal to the face and DO NOT reliably filter small inhaled particles. Attempts to measure the effectiveness of cloth masks to filter small particles show a wide range of results: cotton T-shirt (seven percent), shop towel (19 percent), coffee filter (49 percent). Material type and thickness (e.g., cotton, denim, canvas), fit to face (e.g., flexible nose bridge) and use of an internal filter (e.g., coffee filter) are just some of the variables that affected filtering efficiency.

Surgical Masks

Effective for: The primary purpose of these masks is to protect other people from the wearer’s respiratory droplets. These masks also give some barrier protection against larger respiratory droplets from other people.

Limitations: Because there’s no facial seal, surgical masks don’t reliably filter enough smaller airborne particles to count as respiratory protection. One study found surgical masks can filter about 60 percent of smaller, inhaled particles. (By comparison, an N95 would filter 95 percent of these particles.)

N95 Masks

Effective for: Reduces wearer’s exposure to particles including small particle aerosols and
large droplets
(only non-oil aerosols). Used to prevent the user from inhaling small airborne particles in aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs). It must fit tightly to the user’s face.

Filters out at least 95% of airborne
particles including large and small

Limitations: Can only be worn 8-12 hours. Respirators should not be worn for multiple work shifts and should not be reused after extended use. N95 respirators should be removed (doffed) and discarded before activities such as meals and restroom breaks.

  • Wash your hands before putting on your face covering
  • Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face
  • Make sure you can breathe easily
  • Wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth to help protect others in case you’re infected with COVID-19 but don’t have symptoms
  • Wear a face covering in public settings when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when it may be difficult for you to stay six feet apart
  • Wear a face covering correctly for maximum protection
  • Don’t put the face covering around your neck or up on your forehead
  • Don’t touch the face covering, and, if you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to disinfect​

So to sum it y’all, if you’re going to wear a mask because you want to be protected from COVID-19 (or any other virus/germ) it needs to be an N95 to be effective. Also, you need to make sure you’re actually wearing it CORRECTLY, otherwise it defeats the purpose of wearing one at all.

Easy Toddler Snacks

Hey y’all!

I’m sure there is at least one parent reading this with a super picky eater at home. Hopefully you haven’t lost all hope at finding snacks for your little one.

But…in the off chance that you have- we’re here to help you!

Lucky for you, we also have a picky snack eater. When it comes to full meals, sure he’ll eat just about anything. But for his snacks- the kid likes what he likes and he’s not a big fan of change. So when we found some snacks that he loved, you can imagine how thrilled we were!

And to help you all out, I’ve thrown this list together of some easy snacks that I’m hoping your toddler will love to!

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you find at least one for your toddler 🙂

  1. Bananas (Junior’s absolute favorite!)
  2. Berries (any kind)
  3. Watermelon
  4. Raisins
  5. Crackers and almond butter
  6. Crackers and peanut butter
  7. Honey oat cereal
  8. Apple slices
  9. Veggie sticks
  10. Applesauce
  11. Snap pea crisps
  12. Smoothies

Now, not only are those all super easy snacks that your toddler can eat at home or in the car while running errands (if you allow them to eat in the car). But…they are all super healthy for them too (& they taste so good, they won’t even know they’re eating healthy).

So go ahead! Give them a try on your own toddler…recommend them to your friends with picky eaters. And watch how much easier snack time will be.

If you have some other easy snacks for toddlers that we didn’t have on our list, please feel free to share them in the comments section below for our other fellow moms 🙂

Beware!! Instagram Scam!!

Hey y’all!

So, this is a more serious post. I’m taking time to warn you all of an Instagram scam that was just brought to my attention (it may not necessarily be new, but I just became aware of it).

This particular scam targets users on Instagram who are attempting to work with brands or are currently working with other brands as a brand ambassador. So if you have photos on your feed using #brandambassador, please be aware of this email in your “Junk” inbox!

The “company” will use different names in an attempt to keep people from catching on, but if you’re smart (like I am) and fully research any company before you agree to team up with them, then you won’t get misled.

The email will look similar to the picture below. My particular one comes from an employee named “Julia”. However, during my research on Google and with the Better Business I found out that’s not the only name their company rep goes by (for most people, it changes throughout the conversation- over the course of a couple emails). They will start out going by one name, in one case it was Jody, but then after you reply to the original email the name changes, in the same case with Jody, he/she later became April.

My original email from “Julia”

Now, even though I did my research and found the company to be nothing more than a scam (more proof coming later in this post), I decided to reply to “Julia” to see how far they were really willing to go and stick to their scam to try getting people (whether to just boost their own instagram page or for the money. Below you can see a screenshot of the reply I sent back pretending to be interested in joining his/her team of brand ambassadors.

My first reply back. (I’ve marked out other emails for the privacy of other people/companies we work with)

Now, according to the other person I found that was also contacted by this company or person, signing up would make me one of Global Influencer Agency’s (the company name at the bottom of the email) “professionally managed” influencers, part of a team of 15,000 content creators who want to help me on my influencer journey and promote me to the 80,000 followers via their Instagram account. Not only would I gain 500 followers a month, but I’d also be invited to events and runway shows and receive a 75% discount on exclusive clothing that’s been featured at New York Fashion Week alongside Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Giogio (yes, “Giogio”) Armani.- Yes, you read that misspelling of a widely known brand correctly (That’s definitely not professional if you’re working with that company).

According to the email they sent back (I’ll share it below), all I had to do to join them was buy a graphic t-shirt using the discount code they had sent me. Ok, that didn’t seem to weird just because I’ve worked with companies in the past that asked for their brand ambassadors to purchase a product to be show off and to use to give an honest opinion. However, when I went to look at their website to see what kind of clothing they had available, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting AT ALL!

So most of their items are WAY over priced (which I’ll show you below) and could easily be found at other stores and online for way cheaper (and probably much better quality. For example, a white t-shirt that says “But First Coffee” is $149 from ChicNYC, but you can find the same shirt just about anywhere else online for a max price of $23-$24, they even have someone online that have more decor on them for $25-$35. So…..that makes their plain one look a little….boring and way to expensive for any sane person to buy. (Pictures below!)

But don’t think that’s the craziest part. So, after I read more into the email, I noticed that they also give you a time limit before they cancel you, 11 pm tonight. So basically if you don’t make a purchase before 11pm tonight (no time zone given- we have multiple time zones that hit 11pm differently), they cancel your acceptance to their brand ambassador program. That tells me (and others from what I read on the BBB website and other review sites) that they aren’t really looking for brand ambassadors (like they advertise) but they are more just looking to drive their sales.

Below you can check out screen shots I took of some of the reviews I came across on Yelp while doing some research and the BBB website linked to this “company”.

And I’m not sure if y’all can see it or not (I’ll do a zoomed in screen shot just incase you cant’) but the tab for the yelp reviews of ChicNYC even says that they have CLOSED…so if they are closed how and/or why are people still getting emails about doing business with them??? Can we say “Sketchy!” or even “Scam!”… They also are using an address on Yelp that’s completely different from the address in the email…

Oh, and incase you are sitting there thinking that I’m just mad or bitter about a personal dispute I had with this company, there is another blogger who had a similar situation happen to her. You can find her blog post about it HERE.

But who is the real person behind this enormous scam? Well, I did a little bit of digging for that myself. I’m not sure if this is the only person behind it, but I spent hours researching this scam and everything I read, all the links I clicked on from other victims…it all led me right back to this same Instagram account. So my best bet is that the same person running this account is the person behind the scam. The part that blew my mind y’all…SHE CLAIMS HER SCAMMING JOB IN BIO!!!!! (I’ll zoom in the screenshot for y’all to see that too!!)

I bet y’all know what I did next!!! Yep! I checked out and did some digging on her Instagram profile! (I seriously have NO boundaries y’all!) There was actually one thing in particular that caught my attention IMMEDIATELY!

This person, we will call her Brit (even though I doubt that’s her real name), claims to be this big, successful brand ambassador and lead PR advisor…yet she only has 1,727 posts on her Instagram account. Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re promoting companies, shouldn’t you have more posts than that if you’re really trying to get clientele? She does appear to have a ton of followers and a very recent post, which means whoever this person (scammer) is, they are actually keeping up with the account so it won’t be too easy to classify as a fake.

According to the Chic NYC website, they were awarded for being 100% organic in March of 2020. However (to no surprise), a google search of that newspaper for the same day brought back no such article. There are also typing errors and a weird print of ink behind the typing that makes it seem like this was a different article and they photoshopped it to be about their business (because businesses being in the newspaper for awards makes them look more legitimate and makes people attracted to working with them more). But I’ll let you judge for yourself with this screen shot 🙂

With all of this evidence that goes against the company, I’m going to have to stick with my gut (and of course trust the thousands of reviews- none of them actually being good) and say this is DEFINITELY A FAKE COMPANY AND A HUGE SCAM! Please do not fall for this guys. There are great companies out there that are established and actually legit, that will work with up and coming brand ambassadors (I’d be MORE than happy to recommend a few if y’all are interested). But this is DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM!

I just wanted to warn anyone and everyone that’s trying to get into that field. Please do your research before agreeing to work with a company. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. There are so many social media resources out there- USE THEM!

Other Images/Reviews I Found When Researching Chic NYC


So after I made this post, my PR informed me that she received the same email about a week or so later, except they were using a different name. Her email, same benefits and all, came from a woman named Dorothy. I’ve posted a picture that my PR rep emailed me so you all can see how similar how two emails really are. IT’S MIND BLOWING!

I told y’all this is a scam! PLEASE DON’T FALL VICTIM TO IT!

4th Of July Festivity Ideas

Hey y’all!

So..unless you’ve been living under a rock (which I’m pretty sure you haven’t been since you’re reading this AMAZING blog- shameless self promo, go subscribe lol), then you know that 4th of July weekend is NEXT WEEKEND!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already got something planned (and have had it planned for months), but if you’re one of those people (much like Andy) who likes to do either last minute planning (and then scramble around like a dying chicken trying to get everything together) or you don’t plan anything at all and just roll with the flow…I’m here to give you a few ideas of fun activities for your holiday weekend 🙂

If you have kids:

  1. Throw a family-friendly Fourth U-Pick Party: After spending some time together at your local berry farm, go home and enjoy quality time turning all those fresh berries into delicious desserts!
  2. Go camping in your backyard: Can’t get out to a real campground this year? (Thank’s COVID-19 for closing most of them down!) Try a little backyard tent camping instead. Once the family/friends cookout has died down, enjoy some fireworks from the comfort of sleeping bags and end the night with some (not super scary for the kids) ghost stories before sleeping peacefully under the beautiful stars.
  3. Watch a patriotic movie outside: If the weather in your area will allow it, set up an outdoor movie theater and comfy seating in your own yard, then sit back and relax with some of the best patriotic movies. If it does happen to rain, you can easily move the fun (popcorn and all- because what’s a good movie without popcorn!?) into the family/living room!
  4. Plan a soda float social: Channel the 4th of July for years ago with glass soda bottles and a vintage-inspired bar cart. This genius summer idea if perfect for fending off that July heat and keeping your gang refreshed!
  5. Take a family bike ride: No 4th of July parade this year? (Again…thanks COVID-19 for ruining summer 2020!!) That’s not a problem! You and your immediate family can have your own private parade by decorating your bikes with flags, streamers, and ribbons, and set off together for a few casual laps around the block. The ride will help everyone work up a good appetite before the celebratory barbecue.
  6. Play patriotic games: Spark up some family competition with Independence Day inspired games, like stars-and-stripes tic-tac-toe or tossing red, white, and blue water balloons. If the weather doesn’t work in your favor, you can also keep the kids entertained inside with a round of Go Fish- from a patriotic card deck.
  7. Throw a family pool party: Gather the kids and cool down in the water on that hot summer day. If you don’t have a pool, get out the sprinkler. Of…if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can look into stock tank pools or even pallet swimming pools.
  8. Spark up the sparklers: While we don’t know how towns will be handling 4th of July fireworks this year (every town/state laws are different), you can always stock up on sparklers and have your own family patriotic light show (of course be careful and always use common sense with safety measures).

If you don’t have kids

  1. Confetti poppers: The patriotic poppers are filled with red, white, and blue confetti. They can be enjoyed by both kids and adults at this year’s party. Hand them out, count to three, and let them rip! Check out this tutorial by Happiness is Homemade on how to make them 🙂
  2. Patriotic photo booth printable: Give your guests something to do (and something that’ll make them chuckle a bit) with THESE fun photo booth props!
  3. Bomb pop shots: This shot is basically your favorite patriotic popsicle from your childhood….but with Booz! It’s made with grenadine, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and blue curaçao. You can check out the recipe HERE from A Beautiful Mess 🙂
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe lawn game: All it takes to make this oversized game board of Tic-Tac-Toe is some white rope, paint, and letters found at any craft store. Get the directions from Re-Play HERE!
  5. Flag balloon dart game: Making this fun balloon dart game does take a little time, but once you and your guests see how much fun it is, all that effort and hardworking will be more than worth it. You get find the directions HERE, from Giggles Galore!

Don’t let the Coronavirus ruin a great holiday for your family and friends. It’s super easy using the ideas above, or your own (if you’ve got some that aren’t listed, please feel free to share them below) to enjoy this great day! So don’t stress….get out with family and friends….celebrate our great nation…and HAVE FUN!

Blogging Q& A

Hey y’all!

So I’ve noticed a ton of y’all sending us emails asking basically the same type of questions. So rather than spend all that time answering 100+ emails individually about the same thing, I figured why not make a blog post about it to help everyone out at one time 🙂

So here we go!

  1. How did you get started blogging? When I was in middle school I used to keep a journal online for anyone to read, just as a way to share my thoughts or what I was going through at that time. I kept it anonymous so that I could talk about anything and everything and the people wouldn’t necessarily know who was writing about them or others that they might know. When I noticed how many people were following my posts and reading along I thought that maybe it would be good to do it as a career or some kind of job if I could make money from it. After I got out of high school I started taking classes at a local college for mass communications and journalism, I also would research making money from blogging at home. The different opportunities were a little overwhelming at first, but once I started reading (and taking notes) I really fell in love with the idea of blogging as a job. After that it just took a bunch of hardworking and dedication.
  2. What is your ideal working environment? Honestly, my ideal environment would be in an office with a regular desk and chair where I could sit peacefully and just focus on whatever I happen to be doing for the blog at that time. But… reality, my work environment is either going down the road and I’m blogging from my phone, or sitting in my living room with two kids crowding my lap trying to blog on my laptop. Working from home with two kids (both under 2 years old) doesn’t really allow me to work in my ideal kind of environment, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything because it does allow me more time to spend with my kids.
  3. How did you know you picked the right domain name? I really didn’t know at first. And you probably won’t know for sure either. It was just kind of pick the one I liked the most (that would also relate to the kind of content I would be sharing) and hope for the best. I picked the one I did (Missy & Andy) because a lot of the posts are about parenting lessons that Andy (my husband) and I learn along he way as firs time parents of two boys. I also tend to share a lot about our personal life (marriage, financial advice that we learn, vacations we take, products we love and hate, etc.). So naming it after ourselves made the most sense. It might even be a trial and error thing for some people, where you’ll pick one name and realize that it might not be working to attract traffic so you’ll change it. I recommend testing out your name by using a subdomain for. while and watch how the traffic trends go- that way you can find the one that works the best for you FOR FREE, before paying for a domain name that ends up hindering or chasing away more traffic than it attracts.
  4. How did you choose where to host your blog? When I first started writing (keeping my online journal back in middle school), WordPress was the only platform I had heard of. I honestly did not know about Blogger or GoDaddy, or anything else. So I did most of my studying and learning through the system and plugins that WordPress uses. So…when it came time to finally make blogging my actual job, it just made sense to stay loyal to WordPress.
  5. How do you manage your time between being a SAHM with two kids, keeping a clean house, and running your blog? I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy. I do have help from Andy when he’s off. But when he’s working I try to keep the blogging for after I get the kids in bed. I do most of the house cleaning in the morning (Andy helps me deep clean once a week when he’s off and his mom takes our oldest son for a couple hours). Then after the kids are in bed I just do a quick run through picking up stray toys before Andy gets home and then I can sit down to work. During the day, most of my time is spent between playing with Junior and taking care of David. It’s all about finding a routine that works for you. The chaos that I flow with won’t necessarily work for everyone else, but it does perfectly for our family. You just have to experiment and find your own flow. It might take a while (and come with quite a few headaches), but if you stay persistent with it, you’ll find it and be able to get everything done.
  6. What frustrates you the most about blogging? The thing I think that frustrates me the most, is when people ask what I do for a living and when I tell them I’m a blogger, their response is usually “oh so you’re unemployed”…NO! I am a blogger, I probably make more than you think I would. But other than that…(ugh! sorry, that just irritates the fuck out of me!)…my biggest frustration comes from probably finding new content to write that’s actually relatable to people who don’t necessarily run their life on caffeine and chaos lol.
  7. Do you consider blogging a profession or just something you do as a hobby? I consider blogging more as my profession and my job. It’s how I contribute to my family’s income and I manage it just like any other business owner would manage their company. I take pride in all the hardworking I put in to make it look nice and professional and the time I spend writing every post and promoting everything.
  8. How do you decide which brands you want to work with as a brand ambassador? When I get approached by a company or I think a company could benefit from being shared on my blog, before I do anything I research the company (I google how many visitors their sites averages, look at their prices to try predicting their average sales, etc.), I look through their products and try picturing any of my followers using them or even if I would use them. If I can’t imaging myself, friends, or family using a product I won’t work with that company. I also look at their comments from current/previous customers, if they don’t have more good than bad comments….I reject them. And any company wanting me to work hard promoting their company, brand, and products for FREE….it’s a no- it takes a lot of time and work promoting on the blog and social media, which means that is time taken away from my husband and kids- that time is precious..if they aren’t willing to compensate for my hard work then it’s not worth it to me.
  9. What kind of work or hobbies did you do before blogging? I’ve been blogging as a job since I graduated high school (the name of the blog and the topics have changed over the years, but I’ve been focused on getting it right…and think I finally have). But…before I was a blogger, I’ve worked a few retail jobs, I’ve been a server, worked at a doctor’s office, been a daycare assistant, and even worked as a home health care aide for a short period. However, blogging is by far my favorite because it allows me to be at home, but also because I can make my own schedule and I don’t have a boss to answer to (I am the boss).

My Favorite Brand Ambassador Companies To Work With

If you are working from home and have your own blog, or have a large following on your social media, I’m sure you’ve come across a few messages or emails about becoming a brand ambassador for one company or another.
But what is a brand ambassador? Brand ambassadors tend to have smaller social media audiences and generally purchase the product at a discounted price. They earn money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company using their personal promo code. They are hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a brand ambassador, but are having trouble finding a great company to work with…YOU’RE IN LUCK!

I’ve shared below 7 of my favorite brands to work with. Go check their sites out and hopefully you’ll find the perfect one for you 🙂

  1. Rox Jewelry Shop
  2. Game Stop (Paid Affiliate Program)
  3. Breezy Swim
  4. Trek Light Gear
  5. Lay Low Apparel
  6. The Copper Closet
  7. Born Tough
  8. She Inspired

Fun Mom Tag Questions

Hey guys!!

So I came across this fun little mom tag on Facebook (someone else shared it in one of the many mommy groups that I’m a member of). So I thought it would be fun to do and share with you all 🙂


  1. How old were you when you had your first child? 27 (turned 28 a month later)
  2. What was the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months? With my first pregnancy it was the emotional rollercoaster, I swear I never knew my emotions could change so quickly and drastically. With my second pregnancy, it was the pain. I had never been in so much pain in life- I hurt to move at all the ENTIRE time I was pregnant, it was horrible.
  3. Can you think of any good things you enjoyed during those 9 months? Absolutely! I loved feeling their little kicks and getting to hear their tiny heartbeats. Just knowing that I was carrying around the little lives that Andy and I had created was amazing to me 🙂
  4. In your opinion, were all the things you heard about childbirth accurate or way off? There were some things people told me that were way off, like how I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink anything once I went in to the labor and delivery unit- I was allowed to eat and drink whatever I wanted right up until the minute they started wheeling me back to deliver. My only diet restrictions came right after I delivered the babies- they had me on clear liquids only for 24 hours, and then of course the foods I couldn’t have anyway because of my own food allergies.
  5. Would you have handled childbirth differently if you could re-do it? Honestly, yes. I would have taken a minute to breathe more and just enjoy pregnancy, instead of wanting it to be over so quickly. I feel like I enjoyed being pregnant the first time more than I did the second time (mostly because the second pregnancy brought on so much pain and a few complications), but I would have stopped and enjoyed both a lot more.
  6. What would be your advice for someone who is about to have a baby? Just breathe. Everything will be ok. All the fears you have and that nervous feeling you’re getting the closer your due date gets, ITS NORMAL! But just breathe, the doctors know what they are doing. Everything will be just fine. And also, don’t be afraid to voice your fears with your doctor- they won’t think you’re crazy. They would rather you talk about how you’re really feeling instead of keeping it bottled up inside. And if you’re not feeling like your normal self (emotionally) after the baby is born, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor- it could be PPD (post party depression)- it won’t make you bad mom and they’d rather you bring it up and get help instead of just forcing yourself to suffer through it.
  7. What has been the hardest thing about being a mom? The hardest part after having Junior (first born) was finding that balance of being a new mom and still managing to make “me time” so I didn’t completely lose my identity in motherhood. The hardest part of being a mom of two, so far, is making sure that I’m giving both kids the same amount of attention and love so one doesn’t get jealous of the other.
  8. What has been the most rewarding thing about being a mom? Definitely the little moments. Like putting Junior to bed in his own room, but the waking up in the morning to find that he’s crawled in bed and cuddled up between Andy and I . Or when Junior some how knows that we’ve both had long rough days and he will walk up to us out of nowhere and just say “I love you” and gives us the biggest hug and sweetest kiss in the world. For David, its when we first get up in the morning or he wakes up from a nap and hears Andy or I say “he bubba” and he will give us the biggest smile we’ve ever seen- it’s definitely the most adorable thing ever and melts our hearts every time.
  9. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mom? How much they teach you about yourself. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve learned more about myself after having kids than I ever knew before I became a mom.
  10. What is the best memory you have involving your child? Honestly, there’s so many. From the day they were born when I first got to hold them, to their first steps, the first time Junior said “mama”, David’s first time grabbing my finger when he heard my voice and remembered it was his momma…. Motherhood has given me a ton of great memories- none of which could ever be replaced.
  11. What was the most exciting milestone? Their first word and their first steps beat out any other milestone easily!
  12. What is the worst thing your child has ever done? David hasn’t done anything yet lol, and Junior hasn’t really done anything horrible either. Andy and I didn’t really make “bad kids”.. I guess the worst thing Junior has ever done so far is peeing in the air vents lol (but even that’s kind of funny and cute to me because we’re in the middle of potty training so anything that has an opening he thinks it’s a potty lol)
  13. What habit did you wish your child didn’t have? I was really hoping that neither of our kids would get my temper. I’m not sure how lucky/unlucky we got with David, but I know Junior unfortunately has my temper when he gets really mad or he’s really tired and doesn’t get left alone lol.
  14. What habit of theirs makes you most proud? It’s more of a new routine really than a habit, but I love how Junior won’t start his morning or go to bed at night until he’s had a chance to kiss David and tell him “night night bubba, be careful” (be careful is the same thing to him as saying “I love you”. Watching him be that loving and sweet as a big brother is absolutely amazing and melts my heart.
  15. Do you share any similarities with your child (both Physical and Personality)? Junior has my temper (unfortunately), one of my ears (yeah, I know we think it’s weird too lol) and he’s left handed like me 🙂
    David- still too young to tell, but we think he has my nose and my eye shape…
  16. Where would you like your child to be in 10 years? Well, I know they’ll both be in school. I would love for them to be part of some extra activities outside of school that allows them to make friends (since they’re going to be homeschooled) and I’d love them to be huge outdoor fans (camping, hiking, fishing, etc.) and video game nerds like Andy and I. But that’s just me, no matter what they turn out to be like in 10 years we will love them just the same with all of our hearts.
  17. What is something that having a child has taught you? I have definitely learned how to be more patient, having kids you do A LOT of waiting…I used to hate waiting for anything, but after having kids I’ve learned that waiting is a big part of life.
  18. Did you imagine that you’d be a mom at the age that you became a mom? Honestly no. After I turned 24/25 and still didn’t have kids, I had pretty much given up on the thought that I’d ever have any kids. So by the time I had Junior I had it in my head that I’d never be a mom. Seeing those two pink lines on that stick definitely was a surprise!
  19. Describe your child in a single sentence? Junior- The sweetest, but wildest and most head strong child I have ever seen.
    David- ….still too young- he doesn’t really have a personality yet at only 2 weeks old.
  20. How have you changed as a person since becoming a mom? I would definitely say I’ve grown up a lot more. Having kids around all the time, someone has to be the adult- so I had to think more like an adult and a parent (thinking for someone else’s life and not just my own) more than I ever used to. And many of you may not know it, but having Junior, I swear, is what kept me sober. I was sober before I got pregnant with him (even before I ever got with Andy), but I definitely have Junior to thank for keeping me sober. If I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with him (Andy and I would still be together) I would probably be sneaking pills when Andy was asleep or at work, I definitely don’t think I’d still be sober if I wasn’t a mom. But being Andy’s wife and him having set expectations for the type of woman he wanted might have contributed to me staying clean too- I loved him from day one and I doubt I would have done anything to jeopardize our relationship (with or without the kids in the picture).

Cheers To 2 Years! (A post to my husband)

From helping train you at Shell to taking turns putting a little munchkin to bed (and prepping for munchkin #2), you became my best friend. Brought me into a family that (let’s be honest) is just as crazy as I am and taken me on the best road trips I’ve ever had!
It might not have always been the easiest ride, but it’s definitely been the best ride I’ve ever been on. From playing video games and eating pizza all night to managing bills and memorizing nursery rhymes.
From living in Virginia my whole life and thinking I’d never leave, to starting fresh in Ohio building a life for our little growing family.
Two years went by fast, but I wouldn’t go back and change it for anything in the world.
You’re the best husband and daddy me and the boys could ever hope to have. Thank you for always being there during the best moments, and especially during the moments where I’ve drove you completely insane (almost to wanting to pull your hair out). You’re a trooper for putting up with me for the past 1,095 days (3 yrs). I love you to the Destiny and back a googolplex times infinity🥰
You’re my player one with the health refills and stored ammo when I need them and I’m your player two with all the looted shields and back up fire when you need it. We’re the best team 🎮
Cheers to two years! Now let’s see where the rest of our lives take us together!🥂👰🏻🤵🏻

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