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The Job Situation

Hey babes ♥️

So I think the last time I made a blog post I actually wasn’t working, I was a stay at home mom. So let’s jump into that first.

So I was a stay-at-home mom for pretty much the last 4 years or so, but eventually like I always do I got tired of being at home constantly and my only interaction being the kids. So I applied for, and successfully got, a job at the little convenience store up the street from the house. Well our end goal has been since we moved up here for me to get a job where our best friend works because they have great benefits and they pay amazingly for the area that we live in.

Well being a stay at home mom for 4 years, we kind of thought that having such a large gap in my employment on my resume wouldn’t really look appealing to that company so I apply for and got the job at the little convenience store up the street. And the job wasn’t anything huge or full-time, I was only working 6 hours a day and only three days a week sometimes 4 days. So basically it was just your normal little part-time job.

Also the job where our best friend works drug tests, they use a hair follicle test which goes back 3 to 6 months sometimes more. So I had to wait before applying for them anyway because I had to get my system clean. Well about 2 months after I got the job at a convenience store our best friend told us that his job was hiring a ton of people and that I should apply it as soon as possible if I wanted to even have a chance at possibly getting in.

So I basically said okay whatever I’ll just apply and see how it goes. So I put in my application online I waited about a week and then I called to check on the status and when I called I pretty much got an instant interview, and by that I mean I was told to come in two days after that phone call where the actual interview.

While on the phone with the human resources worker for the company I did ask about the drug test, because I didn’t want to waste their time or mine if they went back too far and I know I wouldn’t pass. So she told me that they go back 3 months I told her it had been about two and a half to 2 months since I quit smoking she said I should be fine so I said okay cool.

Well two days later I go in do the interview it goes awesome. I get a call the next day with the job offer and of course I accept it. So she gave me my orientation date tells me I’ll be getting an email with some pre-orientation paperwork that I need to complete, and she would be in touch with a date for an appointment for my drug test and a physical for the job.

So my super excited fucking ass, just pre assuming that I’m going to pass the drug test I’m going to get the job. I go into my current job then that next day at the convenience store that I was working at, and I tell them “today is my last day I am going to work my shift tonight and then I quit”.”

Now I was on the schedule to work that next day but when they asked me about it I was like “I have a new job. It pays more, more stable hours. I’m not working my shift tomorrow night sorry for the short notice you got to find somebody else to cover it after my shift tonight I quit.”

Which looking back now that was like super shitty. Not only because I didn’t give them the standard courtesy of a 2-week notice, I didn’t even really give them a 24-hour notice. They actually only got like 12-hour notice for me that I wasn’t going to be working my next shift and they had to find somebody to cover it. So yes super shitty employee of the year award would go to me for that shit, but oh well.

So I’m all super fucking excited to start this new job. I had my date for orientation it was the following Wednesday I was stoked. And then that Monday comes along. I wake up and see that I have a missed call from this company’s human resources well I’m like “Fuck what came back on my background check they didn’t fucking like, what what the fuck do I need to explain in my employment history.” It was none of that. They had a scheduling conflict with the rest of management and some trainers, so she was letting me know that they had to push back orientation which also pushed back my initial start date. Well fuck. So that kind of had me wishing that I hadn’t quite quit the convenience store when I did because I was actually out of work for 2 weeks between quitting the convenience store job and then actually starting this job but oh well it’s it still worked out for the best.

So that time frame come and goes I go to orientation and do all the paperwork and get my start date. And then I get a call the next day telling me when to go take the physical and a drug test so that I could actually start. Well I go do the physical that goes fine. Now initially I was told during a phone call when I called the company to inquire about my application status, I was told by human resources that the drug test would go back 3 months. That was literally the only reason that I went through with everything that happened up to that point after that phone call.

So after the physical and all that’s done I go home and I prepare to start working that following Monday I go in that Monday I’m sitting down at my little station the trainer is talking to us. And then they call over the PA system for me to go and talk to the human resources worker. Well I almost instantly start panicking and wondering what I could have done to have screwed up already, because at that time I had only literally been there like 20 minutes. But I go and I talk to the human resources worker.

So when I get in there she asks me had I done any kind of drugs whether it was through a prescription or not within the last six months. And I told her, “I told you on the phone before my interview and the orientation, before anything, that it had been about 2 and 1/2 or 2 months since I had last month weed. Because I was curious about how far back the drug test would go and you told me three months.” And she said that there was a flag on my drug test, she didn’t know what it was for all she could see was that it was flagged and that they would be contacting me (meaning the company who conducted the drug test) sometime in the near future to let me know what it was and for me to let her know when I found out so we can make a plan going forward.

Well after that I start freaking out because I’m thinking I failed the drug test they’re going to fire me like worst case scenario shit. But I go back to work anyway because I’m still going to finish out my shift, and I just figured I’ll look deeper into it later and figure something out.

Well on my first break, because I get two, while I was talking to Andy on the phone I told him what was going on and we look into it and we realize that I do actually have a recording of the first phone conversation I had with human resources when I called to ask about my application status. And in said phone call I have it recorded her telling me that the drug test would only go back 3 months. And before anybody says anything about recording phone calls is illegal, no it’s not. In most States including the one that I live in, as long as at least one person taking part in the conversation knows that it’s being recorded and agrees to it it’s perfectly legal.. It’s only illegal if nobody knows they’re being recorded,  so suck it. 

But anyway. I did some research made a couple of phone calls, and I found out that because I signed all of my employment contracts based on the original deal, if that’s what you want to call it, that the drug test would only go back 3 months and I actually had a recording of human resources telling me that the drug test went back 3 months, anything on my drug test passed that previous 3 months was void for this particular company in this particular situation so I relaxed.

But I didn’t say anything when I found that out to the human resources worker and I didn’t call the company that conducted the drug test myself. I was told they would be contacting me sometime soon, so I just save all of that information and figured I will use it when the company calls and we could discuss what’s on my drug test, depending on how far back it is, and all that stuff.

Well you guys, I have been working at this job now for a month and I am still waiting for the drug test company to contact me to let me know why there was a flag popping up on my drug test. So now I’m thinking one of two things was happening there. Either human resources was able to find out what the flag of my drug test was and no they’re just being super generous and not bringing it back up and trying to give me time to let my system clear out and then they’re going to read drug test me so that I can keep my job, or (and by how shady and two-faced I have seen people being in this company this one seems a little bit more believable) I didn’t really feel the drug test and there really was no flag on my results that was just some kind of scare tactic to possibly get me to admit to doing drugs so that they could fire me for whatever reason maybe that’s how they weed out there week new employees, I don’t know. But it didn’t fucking work. For one I am the only female in a house full of men I don’t fuckings scare that easy, I get startled quite easily but I don’t actually get scared that easy. The only reason that I’m thinking I didn’t actually feel the drug test or my results weren’t actually flagged, is because the drug test company never contacted me back and I have seen and spoken with human resources numerous times since that interaction and it hasn’t been brought up one time so what else am I supposed to think, you know.

So yeah I changed careers and I’m actually loving this job it’s a lot of fun. Don’t tell anybody this but I’m also actually making some friends. Also now I find this super funny, but whenever I go into the convenience store that I used to work at they are like stick their nose up fucking snub me and Andy now so that’s hilarious.

But yeah that’s my career change update. Went super fucking crazy at first now it’s calm down and it’s actually pretty fun and lightly normal. But don’t worry nothing stays normal in my life for very long so I’m sure I’ll have some chaotic mess of an update for you guys soon.

Stay tuned!

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