Hello 2022!

Hey y’all!

So it’s the new year, we some how survived 2021 and all it’s bullshit. Yay!

Hopefully your new year started out great, despite the world losing Betty White on New Year’s Eve.

Did anyone set any resolutions for walking into 2022? I made a few goals for the year.

I want to get the podcast back on track with 3 recordings a day. I kind of fell off when I got sick for that week with COVID and just never got back into recording as much. But I’m going to work on changing that- by the end of January “Daily Spread With Mollie” will be back to 3 recordings per day.

As for the blog, I definitely need to get back into posting. Maybe not everyday like I used to but at least once a week. I used to be great at keeping y’all updated with what was going on and how I was feeling, but somewhere along the way (and this is before COVID, I’m sorry to admit), I fell off and my posting became far and few between. That absolutely needs to change. You guys are faithful supporters, and a lot of you have been with me since day 1- I at least owe you all the same loyalty!

I think my biggest (and the most important) goal for 2022 is working on myself and my relationship with Andy. Somewhere between him going to work everyday and me being a stay-at-home mom, I dropped our relationship off on the back burner- and that’s completely unfair to Andy. So I’m absolutely going to start making our relationship a priority again.

As for the sticker shop, that’s still a new adventure. While I’m excited and have some many ideas for it, right now (still in the beginning 6 month phase), I’m just going to take it slow and see what direction it’s pulled to. But I’m definitely hoping to have sales and production go up 🙂

So what about you guys!? Do you set a resolution for the new year? If so, feel free to share it below!

And, from my family to yours- HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Published by The Moentmanns

Family of 4 currently living in Ohio. Life tends to be a bit crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome as we share some of the crazy ups and downs of parenting (and life in general) with you!

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