We Were Robbed!

Hey y’all!

so a lot has happened since the last time I had a chance to sit down and post for y’all, so now I’m going to fill you all in.

So this past week, Tuesday night early Wednesday morning to be exact, someone broke into Andy’s work truck and stole all of his tools. They then broke into our garage and stole a few knives and a box (which they assumed had a DeWalt drill in it, but it was actually empty). They didn’t know that we have security cameras covering our entire property outside as well as inside our house and inside the garage.

now on this particular morning the camera that was facing our vehicles didn’t capture anything being stolen because it was unplugged (but we didn’t know that – we’ve been having issues with the kids unplugging everything and we didn’t know they unplugged the camera before we went to bed) but the camera that we have in the garage did catch the guy stealing the knives and the DeWalt box (again, he thought it probably had a drill in it, but it was actually empty).

so we filled out a report with the local sheriff’s department and the first time they came out honestly they just kind of brushed it all off. They didn’t really write anything down, they didn’t take anything a prints, nothing. They did take a copy of the video camera footage that we had, but that was it. When we told them who our roommates said it looked like they instantly dismissed the name without even really giving it any thought.

so we had a few people we know watch the video and see the photos of the guy in our garage and they absolutely positively identified him. They gave a statement to the sheriff telling them the person in the video was and how they know that it was him. The sheriff still just brushed it off. Well thursday, we call the sheriff’s department and have them send someone back out because we could hear the guy who broke into our garage and truck on the property next door to us yelling “haha, they didn’t get me” and threatening to burn our house down (and we knew it was his voice because our roommate used to live with him so he knew what he looked like he knew his voice everything and he told us that’s who it is) can y’all guess what the police did? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!

they went over there and claimed that the guy on the video tapes we gave them wasn’t there and they did a search for the stolen property but didn’t see any of it. Which of course they aren’t going to find the actual fucking property that he stole because by that time I had already been over 24 hours I’m pretty sure he had taken it to a pawn shop sold it whatever he’s not going to leave it on him.

so I decided to go above our local sheriff department’s head. I called the district attorney, attorney general, us marshal, and State highway patrol. THEY HAVE ALL FUCKING BLOWN US OFF! I even messaged the entire story to our local news with the photos and the video evidence, they have also ignored us. Everyone is telling us that it is up to our local police department or sheriff’s office to handle this case. But our local sheriff’s department isn’t doing anything which is why we’ve been calling the higher ups.

but I’m going to continue to blow up the lines, flood the email inbox, text messages, whatever I need to do for our local sheriff to take this seriously. And if they still refuse, well then I will be taking it into my own hands. Theft is not okay. And law enforcement refusing to do their jobs is absolutely not okay either.

yes, the items the guy took are easily replaceable, that’s not the point at all. The items they stole on my husband’s livelihood it’s how we provide for our kids – so in my eyes, he stole from my kids AND THAT Will NOT FUCKING SIT WELL WITH ME EVER!

Denver to either want to help us with this we would more than greatly appreciate it. If you want to share the video footage here’s a link to the video footage share it everywhere you can we want to get this guy’s face out there and we want to make it known that the fucking police in our town are not doing anything about it!

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