Spontaneous Road Trip

Hey y’all!

So this weekend we are spontaneously in Missouri. Yep! Andy’s sister called Friday night asking when could we get down here because she needs him to help build the deck on their new house. So, like the awesome guy he is, Andy told her we’d be down Saturday (last night).

We packed the bare essentials we’d need, loaded up the kids, and left Saturday morning. So while he’s out there building her a deck (with her husband and her helping as much as they can) I’m getting some time to relax and the boys are getting some time to visit and play with their cousins (which is always nice).

And honestly, as stressful as it was to make sure that we had everything we would need and everything for the kids, then leaving within 24 hours of finding out that we’d be going, I’m really enjoying the time away from the house. Not that our new house is stressful or anything, but it’s always nice to get a different view once in a while (especially being a stay at home mom).

I’ve already added some of the videos from the trip up here on our TikTok channel and I’ll be editing a video as soon as we get back so that should be up by the end of this week or the beginning of next week to our Youtube channel.

But this mini-spontaneous vacation was definitely needed. And I got to meet Chris’ (Andy’s sister’s husband) parents which was nice. They were super nice to me and were great with the kids. Chris’ dad actually gave AJ his first ride on a backhoe which he just thought was the most awesome thing in the universe!

What is y’alls favorite vacation (whether it was spontaneous or not) that you’ve ever taken?? Let us know in the comments below!


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Family of 4 currently living in Ohio. Life tends to be a bit crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome as we share some of the crazy ups and downs of parenting (and life in general) with you!

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