We Found The Karen…And The Ken

Hey y’all!

So we found the Karen and the Ken of the new neighborhood. The kin we just recently found and it’s actually a group of them.

We’ll start with the Karen. Before we moved in, we came out and we’re working on the property, it definitely needed some TLC to make it livable. Well one of those days we were looking for the water meter, to see where ours was on the property. (Our property is actually split into two different addresses so we were looking to see if everything ran on one water meter, or if there were two separate ones).

While we were walking the edge of the property near the road, one of Karen’s dogs got out of her fence and ran over to us. She came over almost immediately (she was outside so she saw him get out) to get him. Well when she saw us, she asked what we were doing, and when we told her that we were looking for the water meters and we’re buying the property her attitude went from somewhat friendly to a little irritated.

She told us that her son had been at the police auction to try and buy the land but he was outbid by just a little bit by the guy we’re buying it from. she tried telling us that she knew what the property was worth because she was at the auction, which she was wrong about because what it’s actually worth is more than what it sold for it auction and more than what we are paying for it. Well, when Andy corrected her about that, she seemed to get even more pissed off and tried to scare us away from the property by telling us that there’s nothing in our backwoods, which is 6 + acres of land, but buried trash and old junk trailers, which we already knew about. But the trash is buried pretty far under the ground for the most part, and the trailers we saw on satellite view of the area.

Well I was telling her that none of that is an issue because we plan to have the trailers moved and we’re going to clear up the property to build our dream house on (an underground dome), just pissed her off even more. Her biggest issue that she kept circling around and every attempt to convince us not to buy the property was that her son really wanted it, the trash buried on the back half, and that we were paying too much more than it’s worth. Her final attempt was trying to tell us that there are cats, some alive and some dead, all under the house (which there really wasn’t anywhere near as many as she tried telling us).

Once she noticed that we were happy about the property, she just went on the defensive and told us about her dogs. There’s only two that really get out, she owns six of them, one will just come over and sniff around and isn’t really known to bite. But the other one she said will bite us because he doesn’t like other people at all. Well, y’all know how protective we are about strange animals are on the kids, so Andy looks her straight in the eyes and told her flat out “if the kids or any of us are outside and her dogs get out and try running over to us, we will shoot them.” He suggested she either get a better fence or give them more of an area to run in. I’m sure y’all can guess she didn’t like that at all. That’s when she shut up and just turned around and went back inside her house.

We’ve had a couple issues with one of her dogs running in our yard and he came full force towards us while we were walking the property with AJ (after we’ve moved in), well a buddy of ours who’s living with us (will call him Brandon) jumped in between the dog and AJ just in time to kick the dog in the jaw and chase it back over to her yard. and none of her dogs have come running up to us since. They’ve been in our yard and pooping just on the edge of a property by the road but will be fixing that too soon. Funny though, we haven’t seen or heard anything else from Karen since that one meet up before we moved in.

And now…for Ken.

So Ken’s story really isn’t as long, just because we’ve never met him or them in person. But basically the property right beside ours, is where Ken and his family / friends / people live. We actually didn’t know anyone was living there until recently because there’s no actual house on the property, it’s just a shed and a couple of tents.

Well Ken and his people also have quite a few dogs, and their dogs aren’t as friendly or calm (from the ones we’ve met) as Karen’s. Andy’s actually chased them off quite a few times. Well we’ve never actually met ken, we have seen and heard him and whoever else lives over there with him coming and going quite often. Them leaving all the time like that, on top of living in sheds and tents made us quite suspicious of them, which we were right about since we recently learned from a mutual friend that they are big drug dealers / users and they don’t have any running water or electricity over there at all. We figured they didn’t have electricity though because we hear a generator startup every so often, like they’re charging their phones or something.

Now of course their dogs are big issues since we know they really aren’t friendly and they don’t keep them on leashes or in a fence (obviously since they’ve ran up in our yard more than once trying to attack us), but our biggest issue with them is that we noticed they moved the property line markers so they’re actually doing whatever drugs or illegal activity they’re making on our property. So I plan first is to have the land resurveyed and kick their tents and any other buildings that they have off of our damn land. We’ve looked up a few land survey companies and all of them say that because of how much land we have and the fact that most of it is woods, we’re looking to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000, which yeah that’s a lot of money.

However, we did a little research and it is possible for us to survey our own property line, which is more in our budget and most likely the route we’re going to take. Pretty sure I’ll have another story for you guys from Ken after we get the property poll markers move back, so stay tuned for that.

But other than the Karen and Ken neighbors, everything is going super great! We only have one other person on our street and we met him and he’s pretty cool. No big complaints about him. He helps mow part of our property because he likes it keeps his yard looking nice and in a good flow, so that’s nice. He does have dogs but we’ve only heard his dogs and see them when we are leaving and drive past his house, he actually keeps his in pretty good kennels and on good leashes they’re pretty good about staying in his own yard so no issue with him there.

But I will definitely be back and update you guys once we start doing the property line markings about how Ken and his people react to that shit.


Published by The Moentmanns

Family of 4 currently living in Ohio. Life tends to be a bit crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome as we share some of the crazy ups and downs of parenting (and life in general) with you!

2 thoughts on “We Found The Karen…And The Ken

  1. Every neighborhood has a Karen, and there’s usually a Ken that follows. But it definitely sounds like she’s just bitter because her son didn’t get the land and you guys did. As for Ken, if it were me, they’d be getting a list from the police soon, especially with the drug activity. Good Luck to you guys!

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    1. Thank you! As soon as we get the land lines surveyed and marked, we plan on calling the police to remove any of their (Ken’s) things that are on our property, and I’m almost guaranteed they’ll end up arresting them for drug use/possession or whatever else they’re doing over there. And yes, Karen is definitely bitter about her son not getting the land, but oh well that’s not our fault, nor our problem.


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