Late Night Thoughts

Hey y’all!

Being a mom is hard. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally draining sometimes.

There are days where you can’t imagine doing anything, but being a mom. And then, there are days where you want to do anything, but being a mom.

Some days you feel like you have it all together. And then other days, you’re wondering how you and the kids are still alive and the house hasn’t burned down yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my kids to death and would give my life to save theirs without a second thought. And you relating to this post, doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids just the same.

Relating to this post means your human. It means you love your kids, but you also understand that you have to love yourself too.

Right now, it’s 11pm and while I would love nothing more than to be spending my anniversary night cuddled in bed with Andy…..I’m sitting in the boys’ room while David lays down and tries to go back to sleep.

Sure, once David passes out I’ll go get in bed with Andy, but he will already be asleep since he has to get up in the morning for work.

And this isn’t anything new tonight, nope honestly this is how our nights usually go.

Does it irritate me? Absolutely, right down to my soul. But I also wouldn’t trade these moments with my kids for anything.

Why? Because I know one day they won’t be this little and they will go to sleep on their own without needing cuddles from mommy. And honestly, I think that will break my heart more than anything.

Sure, I’m tired and would love to get my sleep. But I also know that pretty soon I’ll get all the sleep I need and I’ll be begging the boys to come cuddle with me.

So you see, while motherhood is absolutely an amazing experience and gift. Just because you would rather not be mom some days,doesn’t make you a horrible person and it doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids.

It means your human. To be a great mom, sometimes you do need to take a shutdown day and have time for yourself to reset.

You can love motherhood and your kids, while still wanting to take a day off.

Published by The Moentmanns

Family of 4 currently living in Ohio. Life tends to be a bit crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome as we share some of the crazy ups and downs of parenting (and life in general) with you!

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