Let’s Play Catch-Up!

Hey y’all!

Most of you probably noticed the change in the website. We are currently running on our backup servers due to issues with or primary servers. As soon as we get everything fixed the site will go back to normal. Hopefully it won’t take too long…you

But anyway…..If you follow our other social media channels then you know that we recently bought a new house. And of course I miss favorite thing it came with 8 acres of land, which we plan to use as individual one acre or two acre lots or family to live on.

Things have been super crazy and busy lately, but we are all doing just fine Thank you to everyone who messaged us concerned, we love you all!

We will be back to a normal posting schedule by next week (follow our other social media to stay up to date with new posts)! However, if the normal website is not fixed by that time, we will return to posting using this backup server! We can’t wait to share all the new life updates with everyone!


Published by The Moentmanns

Family of 4 currently living in Ohio. Life tends to be a bit crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome as we share some of the crazy ups and downs of parenting (and life in general) with you!

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