Star, Moon, & Ascendant Horoscope

Hey y’all!

So I’ve been super into horoscopes and stars alignments and astrology lately. I’m not really sure why, I’ve honestly never given it any thought before [and Andy says it’s just all b.s]. But I’ve been looking deeper into my own and I actually think it all describes me perfectly.

When it comes to horoscopes, we all have the one sign that we know we are, that’s called our “ascendant”. But, did you know you also have two other signs, a sun and a moon. They may not be the one you check everyday, if you’re into astrology.

I’m still learning about all of them, but I’m actually really enjoying the research and it’s been helping me relax at night. Instead of reading my entire horoscope first thing in the morning [because I know if I do that I’ll start basing my daily decisions from it and I’m just not there in the research yet], I read it at night as a way of reflecting on my day and its been helping me wind down and get ready for bed.

So if you’re not familiar with all three of your actual signs, I’ve listed them below with brief descriptions of each.


The sun determines your ego, identity, and “role” in life. It’s the core of who you are, and is the sign you’re most likely to already know.


The moon rules your emotions, moods, and feelings, This is likely the sign you most think of yourself as, since it reflects your personality wen you’re alone or deeply comfortable.


Your ascendant is the “mask” you present to people. It can be seen in your personal style and how you come off to people when you first meet. Some say it becomes less relevant as you get older. It changes every two hours, so if it doesn’t make sense, text your mom [or dad] to confirm your birth time.

So for me:
I’m a Scorpio rising, Scorpio moon, and Virgo sun. So what exactly does that tell people about me?

Well, as a Scorpio rising, I come across as passionate, incisive, cunning, strategic, and perceptive. My intense and tenacious drive comes off as intimidating and powerful, if not malicious and aggressive.
Yep, that actually sounds about right, lol.

As a Scorpio moon, my emotional self is intense, passionate, and a bit dramatic. I have trouble opening up and letting other people in, and try to keep my intense darker emotions private. I find it difficult to trust others, which means my powers of perception may manifest in suspicion and controlling tendencies. Since it’s in my first house, I find security and safety through my self and self-image, also because it’s in my first house my moon in Scorpio is hyper-present in my personality.
I would normally try and deny this, but if you guys have learned or already knew anything about me, you know me denying this would nothing but extreme lies, lol.

As for my Virgo sun, I am particularly smart, responsible, hard-working, and self-sacrificing. I’m thorough, meticulous, and intention in everything I do- I can accomplish things that most people can’t, but may also get bogged down by the details of my day-to-day. I have a need to be wholesome. With it being in my tenth house, I feel the need to distinguish myself from others through goals, success, and responsibility.
Again, I’d try denying these things, but you all would probably call me out as a liar- with good reason and lots of evidence, lol.

Curious to know what your house signs are (there’s so much more to it than this short post I’ve made)? Check out THIS WEBSITE, or download the Co-Star App (I much prefer the app because my phone is near me more than my computer sometimes) and share yours with me today. If you download the app, share your username below [or add me under the username mdmoentmann and let’s see how compatible we’d be as friends 🙂
You can also view my chart HERE


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